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  • credits

    All songs written by David Woll with the collaboration of Denis Ferland for : Transit, Roxy, Memories, In My Head and AJ, Middle Of The Highway

    released 10 May 2011

    David Woll – Vocals, Acoustic guitar on Roxy, back vocals;

    Denis Ferland – Guitars, lap steel, synthesizers, back vocals;

    José Major – Drums, percussion, back vocals;

    Richard Deschênes – Bass;

    Denis Faucher- Piano, back vocals;

    Sandy Belfort – Synthesizers;

    Chantal Caron – Back vocals;

    Olivier Godin – Pipe organ on The Summer When The Earth Inhaled and Hello Stranger.


    Produced by Denis Ferland Executive Producer : David Woll Arranged by David Woll and Denis Ferland Mixed by Denis Ferland and Louis Morneau, with David Woll Mastered by Louis Morneau at “Studio Karisma” (Montreal, Canada)

    Creative lyrical consultant : Marc Larocque

    Artwork by Agent Illustrateur (


    Recorded in Montreal (Canada) by :

    Denis Ferland, David Woll, Nicolas Dallaire (Assisted by Eric Romer), Marc-André-Larocque and Louis Morneau at : “Studio 451”, “Studio de L’Autre Terre” and “Studio l’Antre du MAL”. Pipe Organ recorded at “Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral”


    From Montreal to New Jersey, David Mollet brought fans back to the androgynous heyday of British glam rock. Now, he’s traded his M for a W – and it’s under the alias David Woll that he presents Transit, his first album as a singer-songwriter, May 11th, 5 PM, at the Divan Orange.

    Transit collects David Woll’s experiences from years of travel and self-exploration and results from close collaboration with many renowned musicians. Producer and guitarist Denis Ferland (Jérôme Minière, Michel Faubert) put a year into this album alongside sought-after artists Denis Faucher (Dumas, Marie-Pierre Arthur), José Major (Paul Cargnello), Sandy Belfort (Pawa Up First, Xavier Caféine), Richard Deschênes (Tricot Machine) and Olivier Godin (Orford Six Pianos).

    "The lyrics of Transit are all about travel and transition."

    You like musical cocktails and style mash-ups ? Get ready to be charmed, surprised - maybe even unsettled - by David Woll’s warm voice and the frenetic, dissonant sounds it rides. Beyond his musical influences (Ennio Morricone, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Wilco, David Bowie, Arcade Fire), Woll draws inspiration from genre film : spaghetti westerns (Transit, The Summer When The Earth Inhaled, Hello Stranger), 1950s cinema (Roxy), and B movies (Little Green Men, Berlin Ghost, Mrs Death). Transit is a veritable cinematograph for the ears !

    The lyrics of Transit are all about travel and transition. Each song is a postcard in which the artist finds himself between two places : life and death, friendship and love, past and present, dream and reality.

    Transit is a one-way ticket that cuts all ties with the past and sends you on a trip to an electrifying future.